by Love Alive

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This is an the debut EP of, Love Alive.

Recorded and edited by Marc Whitmore


released May 28, 2013

Music written by Love Alive (Lurie, Bohm)
David Lurie (Vocals, Guitar)
Michael Bohm (Guitar)
Austin Fedor (Bass)
Josh Solomon (Drums)

Recorded and edited by Marc Whitmore
Photo By Colette Aboussouan



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Love Alive Columbus, Ohio

Love Alive is a Psychedelic, Funk, Rock and Roll band from Columbus, Ohio. Known for their high energy performances Love Alive is a modern twist on an old school sound.

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Track Name: Feels Like Home
I used to live not far from here but in a whole different place
Where there's no one to hear you sing or listen to the words you say

I used to think life would never change but now look what I've made
I have become a man and I have got this place to thank

Cause I love it here and I don't want to go
I love it here but now I must go

I look around and I like what I see
People on every street
'Cause everyone here they know my name
And they always want to play

When I arrived I didn't think this would ever feel like home
Now I fear I will never find a place I can call my own
Track Name: Done You Wrong
When I was a boy I used to see your face, when you used to play for me
You seemed so happy and feeling so strong
Well, times have change now and I have done you wrong

Well I, have done you wrong

When you look at me I still see that love for me
In your eyes no mercy
Do you still believe in my ability to reach our only dreams
But I have done you wrong

Well, I...

Have I lost your trust? Did I let you down?
It's time to do what's must. Living for two I succeed for you
Track Name: All Alone
What if all my time is gone
My chances run out and left me here
Smiles and laughs are distant memories
Silence is all that's left for me

Time goes slow
When I'm all alone
Fear the worst
For myself, I can't tell
If i will survive All Alone

What if I close my eyes?
And everything I love disappeared
And all my friends have left me All Alone
I'm the only one there is left to blame

Can you see? All my pain?
Am I stuck? In this place?
Come and save me
Track Name: Fly Me Away
I always get let down
Just need something to hold onto
Turn my world back around
Make me feel like I'm human again

Fly me away from here
Fly me to another time
Fly me away from here
I just want to feel alive

There's nothing worse then this
I always feel like I'm all by myself
Tired of wonderin' where is home?
I guess I'll just have to build it alone
Track Name: Live Love Grow
I don't know what I'm destined for
All I know is what I want and I hope that is enough
Time flies and I'm older but I'm still hanging on
Chasing after my own dreams

All I've learned from life Live, Love and Grow

Do you believe in me? And all my crazy dreams?

I still feel like a child
Swinging on the swingset, runnin' around all night
Someday we'll all be laughing
About all the times we had, about all the tears we shed

All I've learned from life Live, Love and Grow

Do you believe in me? And all my crazy dreams?
Cause in this lifetime I have seen a lot of crazy things...